Saturday, January 28, 2012

What Works for Me

Last year, my husband encouraged me to begin running.  I was thirty pounds over weight, my cholesterol was crappy, and my self esteem was low.  He started me out by doing 2 miles at my own pace.  I couldn't even jog a half a mile without being winded.  I literally made grunting & winded sounds.  At that time, we had been doing P90x and somewhat of a diet.  This only made my arms and thighs bigger. Running changed all this.  In about 3 months I had worked up to 3 miles.  It felt good.  This is my Forest Gump moment: I decided why not run a longer distance?  So I did just that!  It was a natural progression.  My weight began to come off.  The diet I adhere is low carbohydrates with little to no carbs for dinner.
Now I get excited about up coming races.  I'll be doing the San Diego Petco Half in March 2012.  It's going to be huge and I can guess it will be hard to keep good pace on this one too.  Most importantly, the race will be fun with great friends!


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