Thursday, February 2, 2012

On to the Next Half Marathon & Cookies

This week I have resume training for the next half marathon in March 2012.  For my 2nd 4mile short run this week, my husband joined me.  At the end, by the time I reached  my lawn, hit my watch, it was 41 minutes flat.  I ran faster tonight because he was there!  He's a great influence and then on the other hand, he's a bad influence. 
Great influence: 4 miles in 41 minutes not to shabby for me.  On the last mile going up the hill he was far out in front of me.  He slowed down a the end to finish the run with me.  Very nice!

Bad influence:  I'm sore because I pushed it. Curses & I had to take 600mg ibuprofen tonight!
I also ate cookies!  At first I ate one, then he tossed another one at me!  Later he was saying he shouldn't have eaten the cookies.  I told him not to worry about it because he ran tonight & only ate two cookies.  He said, "it wasn't two, it was more like eight!"  Little does he know I had another cookie at work today.  By way, it was delicious!

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