What da FuDgE!

 Running has provided so many new and fascinating things. Some times I stand there, eyes wide, and with my mouth open saying, "What the fudge is that?'                                                                    
These runners are wearing trash bags. *shaking head* It's
one of those don't-knock-it-until-you-try-it right?
As the corral moves up closer to the start line, I look over and see double Lt Officer Jim Dangles!
Just so y'all know, when you run a chocolate race, you literally get chocolate at the finish!
Before running my first trail run, I look down and saw a runner with 
 shoe coverings! Later, through the dirt, gravel, and mutant weeds,
I figured out why she was wearing them.
Camp Pendleton's Heartbreak Ridge Half was HOT!
My snazzy Timex watch didn't agree with the official time.
pffffttt whatever!
Training can have it's hazards. NO that's not a dog, like I thought
it was until it got closer!
Okay I tried KT tape and it just came off. BUUuuuuut, I found
it worked like duct tape inside my torn seams of my shoes!
Hahahahaha I GIVE UP! It's not going to happen!
I totally get it. Stupid coyotes!
Ice in California?
Silly banana, you can't run without your monkeys!
How awesome to have water handed to you by a Pirate?!!!
I wrote on myself so I wouldn't forget to go
pick up my bib.
I often wonder when I say the word bib out loud do
non runners think I'm talking about a baby bib?
Yucky! Stupid appendix prevented me from running
Rock and Roll Full Marathon but not the half. Surgery suck it!
A runner dressed as a fairy....I think.
If there was a taste for ass...this would be it!
Nuns are runners too!
Yep, y'all, it's official. I have jumped the shark and
wore my first tutu!
Frozen grade. I put in seat next to me
And turned on seat warmer to thaw!
Waiting for friends to arrive to run
hills. Is this some sort of sign?
Trader Joe sells this heaven in a jar.
You have to get it by asking someone
behind the counter! You get one jar per

It's Nacho Libre's cousin!
2nd surgery of 2013. I needed more holes in my stomach!
Surgery suck it!
Yipee, another coyote!
Gu Humor.
I've consume so much of this I'll never get scurvy!
Why yes, that is a pooping Turdle!
It's a lie!
We don't know each other but we match!

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