Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tri-City Medical Carlsbad Half Marthon 2012

Fantastic!  I got there 2.5 hours before the half marathon started & parked near the port-potties; great advised from a friend who runs marathons & has race this one in the past.  This is my second half marathon.  For breakfast, I have a half of peanut butter sandwich.  I'm not a huge fan of protein bars.  There's some sorta weird after taste to most of them.   At about 7:00, I head to the Expo tent to stay warm.  This event is huge & there are gobs of runners.  It smells like wet dog in there.  Around 0715, I head for the start line. 

I forget I hadn't stretched!  No problems, there's plenty of time.  I'm in wave 5.  It's about 48 degrees outside.  I wore a head warmer, running jacket, light weight long sleeve, running skirt; thanks,  no under layers, & gloves.  Hahaha I'm ridiculously nervous for no reason.  The headband mushes my forehead, but it keeps my ears warm :)  Before the race started there was a lot of guys running up onto the hill next to the road. I figured out pretty quickly what they were doing & ewwwwwwwww! Look away! Look away!

My tunes are all fast tempo songs to keeps my pace going.  The event is well organized for this many people.  I LOVE California for the weather & most of us are very laid back attitudes. Especially runners. These guys made everyone smile!

About 15 minutes after the elite runners start, my wave moves up & off we go!  The scenery is amazing!  The first 3 miles take me through a residential area.  There are a lot of hills.  I had been considering signing up the the La Jolla Half Marathon, so I had changed my running schedule to focus on running nothing but hills.  The new training schedule worked!  The website for the Carlsbad Marathon/half states:
The marathon course is rolling. Much of it is along the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The highest point of elevation is 308 feet above sea level reached gradually between miles 5 and 9. 
My posted pace split time at 6.6 miles is 1:11:50 Pace: 10:53. At the 5th mile is a large steady hill, difficult for about 1 mile, then continues up through the 6.6 turn.  I didn't need a watch to tell me I was going slower, but I kept going.  I had already mentally prepared at mile marker 8, I will need to begin picking up the pace.  The Silver Strand Half Marathon is flat compared to this course.  The challenge was accepted & conquered!  It's hard to keep a steady pace because runners are EVERYWHERE!  I had to run around people constantly throughout this race or run slower. At the 5 mile and the 8th mile I take a BLOK.  

 Mile markers are hard to see and it could of been because of all the runners. The wind wasn't bad & the weather stayed cool.  My gloves came off pretty quick at the 2nd mile & my head warmer & jacket came off at the 8 mile marker.  Who wouldn't love looking and see beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean as you run?  There's a large down hill through the 10 mile.  Race information stated there would be water stations about every 2 miles, but it seemed like there was more.  As miles 11 came up, two guys ran with large flags one of the United States & the other of USMC go running by!  How's that for motivation!  I finished the race:
Overall: 3885 out of 7269
Women: 1850 out of 4289
F 40-44: 293 out of 664
Age/Grade: 51:50%  Place: 3207
Finish/Tag time: 2:14:53 Pace: 10:18

At the finish line, my friend surprised me by being there to congratulate me!  I was so shocked & happy!  I even teared up!  Thank you Ann. She took this photo of me.  Can't wait until next year!!! 


  1. Fantastic race report. I enjoyed the pre-race observations you had. Boys are so lucky to just be able to go.

    You did really great on a hilly course and seemed to handle it really well. Hopefully I can handle my hilly upcoming race with as much charm and grace as you.

    1. Thanks Christina! I'll be returning in 2013 to run the full marathon! There's so much to do until then. Good luck in all your races & stay healthy!