Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Present

My Christmas present from my step daughter!   The book covers how to train for a full marathon.  I've find myself thinking about doing a full.  The book is very clear on how it's a huge commitment.  Right now my training for half marathons come second to my family.  This means a lot of late night training.  All I can say is that I'll think about it. :)


  1. Let me know what you think of it! I've been wondering if it would be a worthwhile read!

  2. The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer book starts out slow. Each chapter is correlated to the weeks of training for a marathon.
    Chapters/Weeks 1 through 3, literally put me to sleep. It has a lot of inserts about personal experiences from the various students participating with a marathon training class. At times, these experiences appear to be a space filler with no real information. I found after reading one or two of the personal experiences, I would skip the rest.
    By chapters/weeks 4 through 6, the book gains my interest, because it starts talking about attitudes, motivation vs acheivement, stretching, visualization techniques, & nutrional principles(lots of discussion about ATP= adenosine triphosphate) ATP is referenced a lot throughout the rest the book. The information provided is very useful.
    Chapters/weeks 7 through 9 discusses focus/concentration techniques, acheiving flow, cross training, & intensity training.
    Chapters/weeks 10 through 17 discuss relaxation/mental methods use before, during, & after long runs. Chapters/weeks 15 through 17 become repetitive at the end with a lot more inserts about personal experiences.
    In each of the chapters/weeks, the running miles increase bringing the runner closer to marathon goals.
    As I felt as though I was running up and then down a hill as I read through the book. For anyone who is learning to run like me, this book explained how various carbohydrates & vitamins work as you body uses them to run. The information is clear and easy to understand. Some of the psychological aspects from the book, I found I was already doing it. This book is worth reading. It does add some experiences from people who already had some running back ground.