Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Reflections 2013

At 0630 I was up, put on my fuzzy socks & began reviewing again how to roast a stuffed goose. After many videos, blogs, and how to sites, I settle for this one: . I used my own stuffing because I don't have chestnuts nor leeks and my recipe is better. *smiles*  Calculating the cooking time to the number of pounds,  I realized I didn't have to get up this early!  So I washed off the dry rub, left on the goose over night, placed it back into the refrigerator, poured a cup of coffee, then sitting on the couch began to look back and reflect.
Dang it, you mean I could have slept in?
There's been so many good times this year even though I've had two surgeries, both successful by the way. Here are some awesome moments. Merry Christmas y'all, peace, love, and goodwill to all!
Carlsbad Marathon 2013, Crazy hair, fever, and still smiling. See what running does to you?!
April 2013, We will always remember Boston!
San Dieguito Half Marathon 2013, After several attempts to get pic with my running pal's eye's open,...well, I tried!
Girls On the Go Half Marathon 2013, a Saturday race, created brain a fart & I had to write a message to myself to
to "Get Bib" so I would remember to pick it on after work on Friday!
La Jolla Half Marathon 2013, My running pal & I goofing & Mac Cheesing! 
Rocks & Roll San Diego Half Marathon 2013, Tutu strong!
Whaaaaaaat cookies aren't on my runner's diet???
Coronado 15k 2013, I smile with my mouth open because I'm like a dog & need to pant!
October 2013, Must be the heat because I'm seeing a giant weenie!
Nike Women's San Francisco Marathon 2013, I'm nervous & giddy.
I'm clutching the Gatorade pouches because that's how I roll!
Nike Women's San Francisco Marathon 2013, My last race of the year!
Thanks to my running pal for an awesome time!
Bring on 2014 and Happy Health Running!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Have a Fun Friday Running Day! (Living Vicariously Through You)

This week, I had a conversation about when I should begin running with my husband.  My doctor gave me permission to run again after 6 weeks. My hubby wants me to wait until after 8 weeks. The Internet suggest I wait for at least 6 to 8 weeks. *sigh*
At the beginning of week 6, I am chomping at the bit! Currently I'm walking 3 to 4 miles 3 to 4 times a week with yoga. Hubby suggested, after 6 weeks, I should increase the number of miles I'm walking in lieu of running. Smiling, I told him I would get a note from my doctor saying it was okay for me to start running. He shook his head & still resolved I should wait.  I made a counter offer with 6.5 weeks, he came back with 8 weeks. This could go on & on! He hugs me and says, "please wait."  *sigh*
The rest of the week I've been sending out my Christmas cards, donating time to my doggies, household duties, walking (my absolute favorite time of day), & watching the Pioneer Woman ; she is the ultimate blogger!
I'm doing a #HarryMetSally moment and putting each card in & checking to make sure it's in the slot!

I got another StrideBox : yesterday. Happy day! Every item in these boxes have been useful. Love the reflective laces in this month's box. My son & hubby will go through it & munch on anything I have an allergy to, so it works out for everyone!
Hope Snowman's bib isn't the expiration date!
Today's walk was fabulous! I imagine as soon as I can run again, I am going to run like Pheobe from Friends! :

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Post Surgery Recovery Plan

Into the second week of walking as my nonimpact exercise, along with yoga, & I feel my endurance improving. After my surgery, I ate like crap because I felt like poop. Surprisingly, I haven't packed on the weight. My abdomen has become less swollen, but I still have the nagging right abdomen muscle pain off & on. The muscles in my legs from the hills I ran in preparation for the Nike Marathon has long disappeared. This muscle loss could explain why I didn't pack on the weight.  Since I'm only walking, I've limited myself to roughly 1800 calories a day. I'm avoiding refine sugar, trans saturated fat,  & enriched flour. What does this mean? More consumption of perishable foods, whole grains, & lean proteins.
Selfie after walking up hill. Alive at 45!
 Note: I have a small electronic scale to ensure I'm not getting over my caloric intake. It's very handy for measuring 100% whole grain pastas, brown rice, & sweet potatoes. It's important for me since I'm not running.
I don't remember where I bought this. It's easy to use.
Once training/running, I'm not so strict about weighing my foods because my calories will increase to a 2000-2100 calorie diet. I still use a protein drink/shakes for my snack. It's quick and simple. I do take vitamin supplements: Centrum Multiple Vitamin, Iron, & Fish Oil.
Scoop, add water, & shake! Simple pimple!
My hubby & I decided we're not doing our annual holiday party. Sorry friends :( My kids & I only brought out half of the decorations & we'll trim the tree on Saturday. Keeping things simple & easy is my motto for the holidays ♫. Falalalalalaaaah!

Dang artificial tree. I would love it hate it! Takes forever to set up!