Saturday, January 21, 2012

Carlsbad Half Marathon Expo 2012

My daughter & I head out to Oceanside, California to the Carlsbad Marathon/Half  Expo.  My daughter points out it's raining, she may get car sick, & my husband & I share a lead foot. I've rationalize this is her way of telling me she doesn't want to go.  Tough love right?
The Expo & starting line are at the Westfield shopping mall. There is an area outside the tent where you locate your bib number before entering. The lists are in alphabetical order and we figure out my bib number pretty fast. Lots of people are taking a picture of their number with their cell phones. I have no idea why. Quick turn into the large tent, there are tables to pick up the bib/timer chips.
I am handed the bib and no shirt. This is my second half marathon and I didn't attend the Silver Strand Expo. The Expo is a smaller version of the Del Mar Fair. The are there. I will tell you what I tell my husband, I'm a girl. I like girl things! Love these skirts!

In the back of the tent you pick up marathon/half shirt. They are pretty cool with breathable material.  I think they were put in the back to get you walk through the Expo.


  1. Good Luck tomorrow Patty! I'll be on the coarse cheering and pacing a friend! Just look for the girl wearing the Tom Brady jersey =)

    PS Thanks for reading my post about "What I'm thinking while I run!"

  2. Aww, I didn't read this until now. Hope your friend had a great race!