Just the beginning

Silver Strand Half Marathon 2011
November 13th
My First Half Marathon

Sitting in my Highlander nervous as hell!
Dog's Beach in Coronado, California
I've heard about people wearing trash bags.
Prerace jitters
Yipee! My first bling!
Age Division: 88th
Overall: 1784 over 3,000 runners
Chip time: 2:17:25
Pace: 10:30

 Carlsbad Half Marathon 2012
January 22nd

Nervous nelly and headband squishing my forehead.

Loads of runners making it hard to maintain pace.

Thanks guys! I can't even imagine the chafing you experienced.

Love the personal touch on bib.


Post runner's high!

Overall: 3885 out of 7290

Women: 1853 out of 4294

F40-44: 292 out of 665

Age/Grade: 51:50% Place: 3196

Finish/Tag time: 2:14:53 Pace: 10:18

Split Time 7mile: 1:11:50 Pace: 10:16

March 11, 2012 Inaugural San Diego Half Marathon @PetCo Park

Nice Gear!
About 2 miles into race.
That's me on the right very sweaty!
Nice Bling a ling!

Overall: 3133 out of 5436
Women: 1460 out of 3091
F 40-44: 208 out of 418
Age/Grade 51.92% Pace: 2384
Finish: 2:14:52 Pace: 10:18
Tag Time: 2:14:52
Gun Time 2:24:04
 Split Times: 5 Km: 30:36 Pace: 9:55
3.7 mi: 37.01  Pace: 10:01
10 Km: 1:02:14 Pace: 10:01
15 Km: 1:36:28 Pace: 10:21


Hot Chocolate 15k San Diego
March 25th, 2012

Just a jacket & no bling
Nice post race sugar high.
We're still smiling. I'll definately do this race again!
Time: 1:32:07
Pace: 09:53
Overall 1167 out of 2675
Age/Group: 98 out of 278
Sex: 743 out of 2017


SoCal Wine Country Women's Half Marathon 2012
Temecula Vail Lake
aka My First TRAIL RUN
June 23, 2012
Generic bib so my daughter decorated it for me!
Nervous Smiles.
She's a very smart trail runner.
The first time I've seen these. I figured out why she was wearing them later on in the race.
This was my first trail run and an ass kicker!
Cute Bling.

Over All: 118
Time: 2:43:34
Pace: 12:30

Camp Pendleton Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon
September 8th, 2012
All Fire/Dirt Roads

Prerace photo
My time vs the time posted.
Love the technical shirt.
Really I'm running!
It's was hard!
Hills are killer! Running buddy Ann makes it look easy.
I'm not showing it but I really am happy...to be finish!
It was so hot!
Time: 2:30:01
Overall: 836 out of 1163
Age group: 21 out of 37


Malibu International Marathon 2012
November 11th
My First Full Marathon!!!

Gear/bib pick up at Malibu Beach Inn
Very Californian, carefree, and laid back. Nice use of magic marker!
Love the free beer!
Our teeth are chattering. It's 45 degrees. Race had late start.
It's really a talent to run and take pictures of what is behind you!
Mile 5
Finshed and over joyed! Thanks Ann!
Trying to operate my phone. Funny how motor skills don't function well after a marathon.
Recovery then onto the next.
Official Time: 4:56:48
Overall: 467 out of 658
Age group: 28 out 45

 Temecula Turkey Trot Cougar Winery 2012
November 24th
Cotton T-shirt
Son and Mom!
Son ran 5k. Time: 024:32, 22nd out of 397, 4th place in age group
Mom ran 10k. Time: 1:03:00, 118 out of 201, 6th place in age group

Carlsbad Marathon January 27, 2013
 Carlsbad Marathon and Half logo
Bib pick up was easy & well organized.
Look a running nun!
Cold & raining. I don't want to give up my base layer :(
Feverish and sick, but I finished.
Thanks Ann for all your support!
Overall: 1141 out of 1451
Women: 420 out 605
F 40-44: 67 out 100
Age/Grade: 48.49% Place 922
Finish 5:07:47 Pace 11:45
Tag Time: 5:07:47
Gun Time: 5:08:54
Love this race has splits. Wish they were better:
9.4 mi: 1:43:22 Pace: 11:00
13.8 mi: 2:29.37 Pace 10:51
18.0mi: 3:31:19 Pace 11:12
19.9mi: 3:43:34 Pace 11:15

San Dieguito Half Marathon 2013
February 10th
aka My Birthday Race!

Yeah it's got some hills!
Race day prep.
What every crazy runner needs for her birthday!
On the back it reads: If you read the entire front of this shirt before passing me you win a prize!
Hehehe juuuuust kidding!

The heaviest bling yet! 
13.2 miles in  2:25:06 pace: 11:11
Age Group: 60 out 80
Overall: 954 out 1118

La Jolla Half Marathon 2013
April 28th
Hill workout for Boston prior to race
Bib Pick up at Road Runner Sports

Stay Strong Boston
Night before prepping gear.
Mac Cheesing before the race. Great shot of my mommy muffin top :)~

La Jolla Half allows monkeys and their banana to run. 
Yippee we did it! Thanks La Jolla

Overall: 4153 out of 5392
Women: 1838 out of 2697
F 45-49: 180 out of 276
Age/Grade 47:51% Place 3453
Finish: 2:28:43 Pace 11:21
Gun Time: 2:41:19

Girls On the Go Half Marathon 2013
May 11th
Had to remind myself on Friday to pick up my bib!
Cute tank :)
The flattest course I've ever ran!
Um...stretching and killing time.
About 300 half marathon runners. 
Mac Cheeeeeese before race.

And more cheeeeese after race. It was hot :(

It's a small race but good for tempo training!
Time: 2:23:00
Pace: 10:55/M
Overall Place: 204/386
Age Group Place: 182/355

Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon 2013
June 2nd
Pink Tutu for Rock & Roll!
Cops on Roof Tops
This by far is the biggest race I've ever ran! The Half Marathon was crowded!

Overall: 10814 out of 18072
Division 391 out of 931
Gender: 5579 out of 11042
Pace: 1106
Chip: 2:25:27

Coronado Independence Day 15k 2013
July 4th
Beautiful Morning
Morning mac cheese!
Waiting for race to start.
over 900 runners!
End of race and still smiling!
Nice Surprise!

Time: 1:41:49
Pace: 10:47
Gender: 51/59
Place: 836 out of 964

Nike Women's San Francisco Marathon 2013
October 20th

Yippee I'm done!
My name is way up there.
There it is!
Was I really that excited?
Me and my running friend Ann
He can't believe I have bigger arms than him!
It was 56 degrees and my hands were frozen!
My course times played out as:
Over Place: 3745/4364
Chips Time: 5:56:16
Pace 13.36
Women 45-49 place: 271/313
5k: 36:36
10k: 1:15:30
15k: 1:55:55
21k: 2:46:33
25k: 3:17:25
30k: 3:59:10
35k: 4:47:50
40k: 5:37:57

Colby 1 mile Walk Owasso, Oklahoma 2013
November 2nd
Owasso is beautiful in the fall!
This benefit is about family. My sister and I exchanged ornaments the morning of the race.
My mom, Sue, & sister, Sally!
Sally and I ready to go :)

Coronado Valentine's Day 10k 2014
February 16th
Bib pick up at Gordon Biersch in Mission Valley
Wish it was a biodegradable or reusable bag
My first time using this type of timing chip.
The Overall time is listed as first to finish regardless of Gun Time.
I don't like this way of Timing. 
Tada! Cut off the extra. 
Long sleeve technical shirt. I also got $5 Biersch Bucks. 
Gear prep. Cute bibs.
Adorable candy hearts are mile markers.
Don't be fooled by the weather. 
It's going to get HOT fast!
Pre race mac cheese!
There are 861 runners for 10k.
Post race salty smile!
Happy to be racing. Nice flat course!

Gun Time: 1:11:37
Chip Time: 1:10:23
Pace: 11:17
Overall: 606 out of 861 (based on Gun Time)
Gender: 330 (based on Gun Time)
Age: 34 (based on Chip Time)

Temecula St. Patrick 15k
March 16th, 2014
Run through wine country! Super hilly course
It's almost 80 degrees by the time the race starts.
Race theme was Go Green 2014!
Bring your own shirt for stencil that stopped working.
Post race mac cheese & I found the shade again!
Cute stemless wine glass!
Time: 1:53:15
Overall: 107 of 167
Gender: 65 of 115
Age: 3rd of 5

So Cal Ragnar 
April 4th - 5th, 2014
Leg 12
Heading to Irvine in Van 2
Meet the Running Turdles!
Team Captain & Turdles waiting to check in.
Van art!
Waiting for 6th runner to arrive to begin our race!
1st time these guys have met! Thank goodness for the numbers.
Our Leg 7 runner has started. We're waiting for Van 1 to arrive.
Run, Rest, Repeat. 
Awesome view heading into our final legs!

Feeling refreshed with new chonies & brushed sweaters off teeth!
I was told it's tradition to get pick of last mile marker.
All the Running Turdles join me for last few yards to finish line!
Such a wonderful experience! 
Thanks Turdles for making it an amazing race!
Leg 12: 6.66 Ragnar Miles, 10:41 Ragnar Pace
            My Garmin without pausing: 6.73 Miles, 11:14 Pace
Leg 24: 4.89 Ragnar Miles, 10:38 Ragnar Pace
            My Garmin without pausing: 4.88 Miles, 10:55 Pace
Leg 36: 5.41 Ragnar Miles, 11: 29 Ragnar Pace
             My Garmin without pausing: 5.5 Miles, 11:05 Pace

Twenty First
Avocado Half Marathon 
April 12th, 2014
Pre race prep
Logo technical short sleeve shirt.
Pre-race mac cheese!
Following weekend after Ragnar.
Tons of hills!
Post race mac cheese.
Hahah Bling still has original date!
Race Time 2:37:05