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I am a non-runner and found the only way you know anything about a product is to try it yourself.

Sports Bras.
I do not subscribed to the itty bitty club. After a LOT of trial and error, I found when I went a size smaller I didn't get the chafing caused by the bras in my size.

 I suggest the Champion 360 Degree Max Support Sports Bra. The band around the chest is small and has little bounce.  I found mine at Dick's Sporting Goods, but found other colors on :

I did try to go to a more expensive bra & was fitted for bra I purchased at the Road Runner : .
It's called the Fiona. The band on this bra is thicker. It holds in a lot of moisture.  The straps do not cross in the back but puts on like a regular bra. They do carry a bra called the Juno. Once you figure out how to get in the bra (good luck with that), I found it is similar to the Champion 360 but thicker. The Fiona did cause some chafing around the armpit areas and I like it for winter running. 

After reading a lot about chafing, I found a great remedy and prevention technique. Before running,
1. If chafing has already occurred, apply New Skin
2. Apply in areas of chafing a powder antiperspirant.
3. Apply Vaseline over antiperspirant. No I'm not kidding. I no longer have this problem.

Running Shoes:

I love Love LOVE Saucony. My first pair was Asics GT-2150 weighed 11.7 oz & were on sale. I used these in my first half marathon. After getting a runner's toe, I found my first pair of Saucony's Triumph 8, later to follow by family member's Triumph 9, & Triumph 10. I tried the Brooks Ghost 5 and New Balance 1080 series. With Brooks Ghost 5, I substained a sprain to my calf after using them for one week. The New Balance 1080v4 Neutrals didn't last long and the 1080v4 Neutral Plus just sucked.  Is it weird I take pictures of my running shoes?
Ascis GT-2150

Saucony Triumph 8
Saucony Triumph 9

Saucony Triumph 10

Saucony Triumph 10 (different color)

Saucony Triumph 11 

I do plenty of running at night. Just hope I don't spray myself if I had to use it!

After my long runs, I would get headaches and a dumping  sensation. My hubby is always coming up with new products for me to try. Luckily for me, he found this one!  Hehehe is sounds like a porn drink!
Tons of protein. My muscles love me now!
I used a Timex stop & start watch for most of my training. It's easy to calcuate pace and distance in your head. Besides, it gives you something to do on the long runs!  But, like many, I eventually jumped the shark and bought the Garmen Forerunner 10.

Garmen Forerunner 10. Super easy to use!

Although blogs have plenty of information, I've read a few books to help me a long.

I used the training guide in this book for my first marathon.

This is light hearted and makes you laughed because you know you've done some of these things.
Love the Running times magazine.
Awesome nutritional guide.
It's harder than I thought.
Love infinity scarves. I know it's hard to run in them!

Pro Compression socks are a must after semi long & long runs.
Also great to wear during an earthquake!
Night gear, headlamp, reflective vest & tail flashing red light.

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