Sunday, April 8, 2012

Keeping My Eye on Malibu

I've been geeking out about the Malibu Marathon, viewing videos, reading blogs, looking at maps of the course, then transition markers on to maps & viewing terrain, satellite (google earth is the best) & elevation charts. Hahahahahaha go ahead and laugh!   I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to drive to the courses I was about to run. I have to draw the line some where right? If I decide to do this one,to the best of my internet abilities, I will know of every hill in the race. I take less time choosing an outfit than I do researching a potiential race. My poor friend Ann, who has become a great mentor to me, has her phone blown up with a dozen text messages about the race course. It's as though I've gonna coco for cocopuffs! Don't even get me started on the weather!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ice Bath

For my birthday, my sister got me a subscription to Running Times. One of the articles in my first issue was about Lauren Fleshman a professional athlete, plagued by reoccurring injuries, an over achiever, & has a excellent shot of being an Olympian at the age of 30. Fleshman uses a nearby river to sit in to reduce swelling.
 Since I began blogging, I've read about icing post runs. In fact, I implied I would never ever EVER do it.  Until last weekend when I finally made up my mind to attempt a full marathon.  I figure I had better do somethings a lot different to try to prevent injuries. After all I'm not 30 and post long run icing would be a good start.
My first attempt at an ice bath, I used 4 trays of ice with cold water in the tub. The ice melted straight away. As I sat in the tub wearing shorts, feeling sorta bummed.  I knew this process should be a lot colder &  I should stay in it for 10 minutes to get any therapeutic effect.  So I sat contemplating going to the grocery store to get a large bag of ice to do it right the next time. Rubbing my cold fingers up and down on my face, it hit me. "hey stupid, there's a big giant cement pond in your back yard full of icy cold water!
Today, I over slep and didn't get out of bed until 8 a.m.  It's been a cold week with highs only in the 60's.  I dressed wearing my long under armour pants, tshirt, & long sleeve thick shirt. Outside, I should have turned around and changed clothes. The temperature was already in the 60's.  It was hot, but I was pissy because I was getting a late start.  After a mile, the long sleeve shirt came off! I got a kick out of an elder man walking his little dog down the hill I was going up, cheering "GO GO GO"! Thank you so much for the encouragement!
I'm in the third week of training for a full marathon. Last Wednesday, I came home and quickly looked at my training schedule and went out to do 5 miles. Today I realized I had looked at the fourth week's schedule in error and was only suppose to do 4 miles. Oh well!
 At first the training seemed a little less than what I do for a half marathon training, but I see by the fifth week, that will all changes.  I had a little anxiety attack on last Thursday during a short run, thinking "holy crap what the hell am I thinking?!!! Are you high?!!!"  I think I actually said this out loud as I turned the corner to head home!  This is going to be a lot of running.  Calling myself crazy, I chastized myself for actually doing what of the stupid non-marathon runner's guide, suggesting I tell people I'm running a marathon.  I did tell people.  Lots of people! After i got into the house, it was over. Back to being a mom and chatting it up with my daughter about her day. Life goes on with ease and grace.
So, after today's hot sweaty hot ass long run, I headed for the pool, climbed in and relaxed.  I'm going to take this moment to moment.