Tuesday, April 16, 2013

That's a FACT JACK!

Last Wednesday, I was given permission, by my general surgeon,  to begin running again!

Mac Cheeeeeese!

After more than 3 weeks of  only walking, the excitement of running again made me pee twice before even getting out the door!
After a short discussion with my hubby, he decided I would only be allowed to run 3 miles. My pace...ah yes.  It wasn't, but then again, it never has been fast. But gosh darn it, yippee,  I am ruuuuuuuuunnning!!! That's a fact jack! In my blissfulness, I almost turned the wrong direction to do my usual 5 miles instead of the promised 3 miles. My abdomen is healed and I had no problems. I was waving at the two people waking their dog, to the man in his car who waited for me to run across the street at the stop sign, and the woman walking into her house. Look at me! I AM RUNNING!!!
Afterwards I bought new earphones called Yurbuds: http://yurbuds.com/products/performance-fit/inspire-for-women/ .  I took them out today and love them. The earpiece is capped with soft tip that fits inside my ear. The make various types of Yurbuds depending on your budget, color preferences, quality. Mine is cheap at $29.99 at Sports Authority.
Great sound and soft tips!
 During my marathons, I've always dedicate my last mile to God. Today, I have adopted this practice in my regular runs and wore this tech shirt to commemorate the victims of Boston. Donations can be made to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Boston Fire Fighter's Credit Union: https://www.bosfirecu.com. 

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