Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for Boston

I got up early to watch the Boston Marathon. The geek in me took pictures of the TV of the winners, listened to the interviews, then went out for my morning run.
When I got back, I showered, talked to my husband on the phone, and at 11:04 sent texts to my running pal, Ann about the winners of the Boston Marathon 2013:

*men's:Lelisa Desisa ran it in 2:10:22 from Ethiopia
*women's:  Rita Jeptoo ran 2:26:25 from Kenya
I sent her pictures and we joked about how they can run 26.2 miles in the amount of time it takes us to run a half marathon. At 12:16, I received a text from my husband stating "Check news. Two bombs went off at boston marathon".
For the rest of the day I've stayed glued to my TV. Some of my wonderful family and friends have contacted me saying how grateful they were that I was not running the Boston Marathon. They are so beautiful and don't realize what it take to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I had planned on blogging about how I have been released by my surgeon and now can exercise, but that seems so dinky in comparison of what is going on today.
My prayers for the victims of this horrible attack and I am still in disbelief that this happened. Thank you to everyone that helped the victims, spectators, and runners get away safety.

 A blogger, Katherine, Neon Blonde Runner :  was running the Boston Marathon today. Another follower said they had been tracking her said she had done well and made it across before the bombing. Please make it home safe.


  1. Such a horrific turn of events. I like you watched the elite runners live and learned of the horrible news from my husband. Also, I was flattered throughout the day by well meaning family members reaching out hoping I was running. They don't realize what it takes to qualify, but they meant well. Such a horrible day.

  2. Kristal, it's definately not how we thought that day would end. I haven't felt like this for a long time. *hugs*