Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stride Box April 2013

This week I've received my first Stride Box.  This box is packed with products and an accessory for runners. The cost is $15.00 per month. The website : .
After opening box, I found "The Stride Guide" labeled for April 2013.  This list the goodies inside the box along with link information and retail costs.  This a miniature expo in a box and an opportunity to try new products!
The April runner accessory stumped and I have no idea what it is.  It's not on the the guide list. Who do I ask?  My kids of course!  My son shows me it can be flatten out, then hits it on his wrist to show collapses around his wrist. He said at school, he's seen them as rulers. He finds an opening pulling out a plastic piece with a what appears to be a magnet. He thinks it my be some sort of flexibility magnetic arm band. *shrug* After an hour, I looked at it again and thought it looked like a battery. I pushed it and it clicked on a light in green! Click it again, it flashes. Cool!
We try The Barnana Original Organic Chewy Banana Bites....yuck. I couldn't take a second bite. My son tried a banana bite too. He spit it out into his hand! My dogs, however, thought them yummy! We'll keep them for dog treats. Researching, I didn't find an individual site for this product.

I've used CLIF :  products in the past. CLIF packaging that reads 90% organic for the Gels, 95% organic for CLIF Shot BLOKS, and the CLIF bar states it's made with organic rolled oats. Raised in Kansas, I find the percentile funny. Our farmers would say it's either organic or it isn't! I don't mind caffeine in my energy products and some of the CLIF products are free from caffeine and some aren't. This is where CLIF got it right. Either it has caffeine or it doesn't!

Nuun Hydration Tabs : come in a lot of flavors. I prefer Gatorade at home, but Nuun tablets are great for a road or airplane trips. No matter the flavor, to me, it taste like flat seltzer water.  Nuun, too, has products with and without caffeine. Gatorade has no caffeine.

Energy bits-Chlorella and Spirulina Algae Tabs . I've never seen this product.  The single serving is attached to a 25% discount card with information stating to use promo code STRIDEBOX when ordering the product. Checking out the website, I can see why there's a discount. These aren't cheap. The package instructs user to swallow at one time. The website states you can chew them like peanuts.

Hammer Nutrition Vegan Recovery Bar: .   Hammer has a lot of various products for consumption, apparel, books, and body care. I've already tried the Hammer Lips in the STRIDE Box and found it amazing and last a long time! The products are affordable.

Action Wipes- Full Body Wet Wipe:  are self explanatory.


  1. Wow, what a cool box of tricks! Nice idea.

    1. Liz, It's pretty cool researching and trying the products. If the boxes ever become repetitive, I'll cancel the subscription.