Friday, April 5, 2013

It's a Dog's Life

Two weeks and my body isn't 100% recovered from surgery. I am still restricted from strenuous activities, but do get to walk my chocolate labs daily. Like Dallas and Cowboy, I, too, get excited when I hear the dog leashes rattle. Yippee it's time for a walk!  My dogs are in heaven because they love being inside the house. If allowed, these sisters would sleep all day. My kids go with me because walking the dogs without help can be arduous.
Our labs have different personalities and running styles. Cowboy, smaller statue than her sister, loves to sprint at full speed whenever possible. She gets a heavy work out chasing the ball as fast as she can go. By the end of the walk, she has slowed down her stride quiet a bit. Don't even think about going over a gutter while walking Cowboy. She will dart in any direction to avoid it!
Dallas, larger than her sister, chases after the ball, but cannot beat her sister in a sprint.  We have to throw the ball in Dallas's direction to enable her an opportunity to get the ball. Dallas has one speed, appears to reserve her energy, and paces herself during a walk. Dallas sometime runs a little sideways. Our vet told us it's common with labs and is called sidegaiting.   Without notice, if Dallas chooses to check out a shrub or tree, she will physically halt me abruptly! She is powerful.  The end of the walks, the kids will sprint the dogs into the cul-de-sac as Dallas trods in sideways.

As I read recaps of races done by other runners, I notice some of the runners have similarities to my labs; or visa verse. Like Cowboy, some runners prefer to go out fast and taper towards the end of their races. Other runners, like Dallas, like to maintain a certain pace throughout their race. A common trait shared by runners and by our labs, is the enjoyment of running. Runners love the beep of their Garmins like my labs love the rattle of their leashes. It's running time!

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