Saturday, March 17, 2012

Summer Races SoCal Wine Country Women's Half Marathon 2012

As much as I don't like to run in 30 degree weather, the same goes for 90 to 100 degree weather.  I have already said out loud, many times, I am not going to do any races during the summer.  It's too hot! What I am really saying is that I don't like to carry water.  Half marathon water stations, for me, are just a place to get a quick sip. 
 I work full time, I'm a mother full time, & I run to stay fit.  Consuming water is something I need to improve on.  I know that dehydration lowers your blood volume making it harder for your heart to deliver oxygen to your muscles.  Dehydration can cause you to body to slow down.
During training days I don't hydrate before a run, but do after the run. On the week before a race, I push fluids for the first 3 days & slow down just a little before race day.  My biggest drawl back on drinking during a race, is having stop to go to the bathroom.  I would love to hear anyone opinion hydrating during a run & how much this has helped your race.
  I will begin looking for various ways to begin hydrating during a race.  I think this will improve my stamina and conditioning.  With that said, I am considering the  SoCal Wine Country Women’s Half Marathon Justin 23, 2012, Vail Lake Temecula, California.  Any suggestions about hydration during a run?

hehehe I just read this on their website:
Wine tasting is available for as long as the bottles last…how’s that for a little motivation for a PR?


  1. I also struggle with the toilet breaks issue: 2 kids later, my pelvic floor has given up the ghost. I'm not sure that there is a solution but I avoid hot drinks before running. There's also the 'she-wee' but it seems a little undignified to say the least.

    1. Kelly, I too avoid hot drinks and cold drinks before a race. I've not heard about the she-wee yet & love you posted this because I think lots of women have this issue. Lately, resolving that I'm getting older & perhaps wiser, I've begun doing kegel exercises. If I get time today, I plan on visiting my favorite Dick's SG store to check out the water belts.

  2. Hi Patty, I'm a big proponent of carrying a water bottle and taking electrolyte supplements (I like succeed caps - I think if I keep the electrolytes balanced, the bathroom seems a little less of an issue. Still, in my slow person philosophy, it's better to stop at a bathroom and be safe running than be fast but hurt yourself from dehydration or electrolyte imbalance.

    Hope that helps!

    1. Great advised Adelyn. You must have been reading my mind. I was telling myself I needed to find an easier way to consume electrolytes.Do you use any of the pre & post race supplements?