Sunday, March 11, 2012

Inaugural San Diego Half Marathon 2012

This is the first half marathon I made the option to have the my bib sent in the mail.  Yesterday's expo was approximately an hour from where I live.  My girlfriend did attend the expo and surprisingly it was really small.  She guessed it was because it was only a half marathon verses both full and half marathons.  I was excited to go to a race & actually know someone there!

The cost of parking was $10 in all the parking lots.  The lines to the porta-potties were super long.

Since I had someone to talk too, it was a fantastic time!  I got to experience a different kind of race & I definitely liked it better.  I can see why people join running groups.
The weather was forecast to be in the 40's but it turned out to be in the low 50's today. I wore, long running pants & a light, long sleeved, running shirt.  The sky stayed overcast throughout the race.  San Diego volunteers did a great job directing people.  The set up was very easy to maneuver.  The standard markings for the wave groups were clearly marked.  Due to day light saving time, we started the race in the dark. 
I got a new phone last weekend & hadn't learn to load music without having to stream it. Sorry no pictures of race, because I didn't carry my phone. I used my old ipod for this race.
The beginning of the course was very flat and wounded through the Gas Lamp district.  My friend & I had about a 10 minute mile pace going.   At mile 4, we saw our first mile marker & not again until mile 6 & 7.  At mile 4 my ipod died. What's a girl to do?  Just run!
There were timers stations marking split times.  I really like this feature.  I saw the first hill at mile 5.  Heading into mile 7 was a small but very steep hill.  For the first time, since I've started running, I've had to stop & walk up for a few steps. Silly, but I got a little bother & choked up about walking!  Through mile 7 heading into mile 8 appeared that was entered into Thunder Dome.  I half expected to see Mad Max go running by me!  There were a lot of people outside a building called "old town recycling" that appeared they hadn't bathed ever!  I ran faster here.  I took a Blok while rounding the corner into mile 9 and almost choked on it because of what I saw!  Laid before us was a hill that went straight up, Up, UP!  It never seemed to end.  My friend took off up the hill like a fricken gazelle, while I jogged behind.  It felt like I was climbing a tree!  The 15k timer marker was half way up the hill.  I did walk once on this hill, but yelled at myself to get back to jogging.  There were a lot of people cheering us on telling us it was going to be down hill after this knee, ladder climbing hill!  Pfffffftttttttt liar pants on fires!   As I reached the top, we had reached Hillcrest, mile 10.  Please take note of the name.  It's not called Flatcrest.  Yippee, smaller hills!  I caught glimpses of my friend as she rounded a curve way ahead of me  I knew I had fallen way off my pace of 10 minute miles.  
Split Times: 5 Km: 30:36 Pace: 9:55
3.7 mi: 37.01 Pace: 10:01
10 Km: 1:02:14 Pace: 10:01
15 Km: 1:36:28 Pace: 10:21
Mile 11.  Oh glorious mile 11 how I love you!  Down hill had arrived!  I could really pick up my pace now & was hoping to make up for lost time.  Half way through mile 11, I caught up to my friend.  I asked her how many mile was had left, she said 1.6!  Through the race, I told her I usually try to pick up the last couple of mile of the race.  Since it was downhill, why not?  I motioned for her  and sped up the pace.  I swore I could hear her breathing behind me, but as I looked back, I realized she wasn't there.  She did catch up with me and told me she felt like throwing up.  We could see Petco Park at this time.  She pointed to a banner hanging & asked me if that was the finish line?   I told her, " I think so".  It wasn't.  We turned to go into Petco Park Stadium with lots of people cheering us on!  I heard someone say, "you almost there you only have two more miles!"  We didn't.
 I said, "where's the finish line?"  My friend said, "it's close" & as we turned onto the track, there was the finish line!  My friend told me we were going to throw our arms up in the air for victory, we did! Fantastic Race! 
As we walked around the track, about a quarter of a mile, there wasn't anyone handing out water.  Plain & simple, this sucked.  Hope they fix this next year.  The Navy & Marine Corps were passing out the finisher medals.  How cool is that!  We were herded to stairs & climbed to the upper level of the stadium.  This is where the water, bananas, more water, coconut water (don't drink this!  Just take my word, it's truly awful ), oranges, & Moo milk were offered.  We felt like were were at the grocery store!  We kept walking & found on the other side of the upper level, you guessed it, more stairs!  This time we went down.  Some runners were walking down them backwards.  My friend said it's because they are having calf muscle pain. 
The race was challenging for me and the scenery was amazing through miles 2 & 3.  The rest of the course kept you busy with some pretty tight turns.  I didn't set a personal best, but I am so happy I was able to make up time in the end!
Overall:3133 out of 5436
Women: 1460 out of 3091
F 40-44: 208 out of 418
Age/Grade: 51.92% Place: 2384
Finish: 2:14:52 Pace: 10:18
Tag Time:2:14:52
Gun Time:

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