Thursday, March 22, 2012

Expo San Diego's Sweetest Race Inaugural Hot Chocolate 15k 2012

I took the day off today to run many errands.  One of them was to drive down to Carlsbad, California, at Road Runner Sports, to the San Diego's Inaugural Hot Chocolate 15k/5k expo to pick up bib/goodie bag.  The expo started at 10:00am & was going to held at the Carlsbad Road Runner location today and Friday.  On Saturday it was doing to be at the San Diego location. 
I arrived at 10:38am & it appeared the sponsors were still setting up.  My daughter came along again.  There were two cartoony blow up air decorations blocking the sidewalk & entrance into the Road Runner. The race website suggested you print out confirmation email form to help sponsors find your bib packet easier & it was.  This race even allowed you to pick up family & friends bib/goodie bag as long as you had copy of their confirmation email & a written consent from them. The sponsors directed you to go outside to pick up your goodie bag. The jacket is windbreaker material. I am literally wrinkling my nose.  I think I would have rather had a t-shirt. There's stretch elastic around the neck area & the wrist.  Wonder how it will do in rain? No hoodie attachment. 
Outside beside a large moving truck with the Hot Chocolate logo on the side, I was given my goodie bag & advised to try on the jacket to see if it would fit.  If it didn't, I would be allow to exchange it for one that did.  The expo had one vendor, Ghirardelli passing out dixie cups of hot chocolate & small squares of their chocolate. We had stopped by Starbucks on the way down & passed on the hot chocolate.
I like the map with parking information on it.  That's a nice feature. It comes with safety pins & the timer is located on the bib. 
From the map, it appears I'll be familiar running haunts, two weekend past, because the race is starting & finishing around Petco Park San Diego! I'm laughing now.  Instead of going west, we go east through Balboa Park.  The elevation changes appear to happen right out of the gate with elevation from 40 ft to 150 within the first mile.  My friend is going to this race again with me.  She said, "Patty let's aim for a 1:40 finish!"  I'm literally laughing again.  Have a great time & see y'all there!


  1. Good luck for the race!!

    Someone I'm running Madrid marathon with is also running The Chocolate Race. I'm so jealous!

    I'm going to run a 15k over this weekend and my husband will have some home made hot chocolate waiting for me when I finish :-)

  2. Lynne, I'm pretty excited too! It's definately going to be a challening with the elevation changes and hills. The view is scenic through there. Currently the weather is cloudy & promising the same tomorrow until noon when the wind is to pick up with 65% chance of scattered showers. Good luck with your 15k too! Love that you hubby makes hot chocolate for you!