Monday, January 27, 2014

Go To The Mattresses Germs!

What is it like to run with a cough hopped up on cold medicine? Preeeeeeeeeetty GROSS! I save y'all from the selfie that would compose of boogers, watery eyes, sweaty hot mess.
My throat feels like hot lava & thank you baby Jesus for Puffs with Lotion!

Germs can go suck it! What the heck! Now I'm sneezing? What a crock of poop! I've consumed every Airborne, Emergen C, multiple vitamins with orange juice. No chance I'll get scurvy any time soon. Oh & NyQuil is da shizzle! That stuff made me pass out last night! Today, I am going to tell you I feel better because I need to feel better. Son of donut hole. I do NOT do sick!

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