Sunday, January 5, 2014

60 Minutes of Exercise

On Saturday morning, after watching the weather & NFL analysts pick apart the playoff teams, hubby & I went hiking for 4 miles on the Santa Rosa Plateau : .
It's in the 70's in California!
Hubby feels he wants to exercise more routinely, but chimes "I'm not going to run any marathons!"
I pointed out differences between exercising daily to maintain a healthy body & training workouts for a race.
Walking on sunshine!
Training for a race for me :)
1. A training schedule is a must. There's is no option for skipping a workout. I learned the hard way, later on the skipped workout caused an injury. Listening to my 40+ body was a hard lesson. 
2. Core workouts are an absolute must to prevent injury and build muscle. It's sit-up city & butt lifterville!
3. Dietary changes involving foods with more fuel use & loads of protein makes my runs easier. Without these foods, my mind focuses on my hunger instead of my running mechanics.  Peanut butter & jelly in the morning before a long run last a lot longer than a bagel with cream cheese.
4. Electrolytes such as Gatorade is my bestie!
5. Morning/night runs; I own a LED light for my running cap for night runs. Winter training equals running in the dark!
6. Cadence work is not my favorite. Shorter strides & try to keep at 70 to 75/min heel strike, run natural, head up, shoulders relax, hill runs, & stairs takes a lot of effort. This comes after my endurance has build and the miles get longer. 
Coyote is reminding me we are sharing this space!
Running to exercise for me :)
1. No set distance. 
2. Easy peesy no cadence, no pace run.
3. More down time with less pressures.
4. Diet changes to calorie counting. 
5. Yoga videos to do at home are one of my favorites things. It allows me to really relax rather than doing yoga in a gym where I'm worried if I have a camel's toe or my shirt has hitched up!
6.  What ever the exercise, the NFL summed it with it's Play 60 Programs: . 
 Any form of exercise is good exercise!  


  1. I like the saying: Any exercise is good exercise!

    1. ^5 Momshomerun & bring on 2014! Stay fit & healthy :)