Monday, May 6, 2013

Stride Box May 2013

Yippee my box of goodies arrive. I chant..."please no strawberries or melon flavors" as I open the box. The box wasn't white this time and had this note inside telling saying it's now %100 reusable and recyclable.

Inside there's are tons of produtcts which I'll be gifting out to my running friends. Stride Box sent tons of energy brands such asV Fuel- Endurance Gel, Sport Beans-Energizing Jelly Beans Assorted flavor, and Honey Stinger Energy Chews-Cherry Cola. From protein, I received Betty Lou's-Just Great Stuff Bar and Perfect Fit Protein by Tone It Up-Vanilla. Very cool. It's like eating cereal with a toy inside! The larger item was The Klitch-Footwear Clip. Kinda corny but a perfect stocking stuffer for the runner in your family. There are also things I've never think of getting: Clean Ethic Bottle Bright-Water Bottle Cleaner Tablet and Pro-Tec Athletics Blister Bands-1 large and 1 small. Whew!

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