Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Worth A Shot!

I placed and entry into the ING NYC Marathon and on 06/03/2013 will try to get into the Run Nike Women's San Fransisco Marathon 2013. It's it weird to begin training for races you're not even guarantee entry? Yes! But I'll do it anyway and try to have a plan B.
My odds for the NYC Marathon are at best  zero, zip, zilch: .  That means I have a 1 in a Baaaaajillion shot of getting in!
*shrugs* I understand the ways to get in into the NYC Marathon are by Charity fund raising, a 9+1 program, lottery, or finally going pro and become an elite runner. Well, the people I know don't have a few hundred to dish out. So charity is out. For the 9+1 program, made me giggle reading about it. I might as well become an elite runner! After being denied 3 times, the 4th entry in is guaranteed. So, the question now is will I still be running in 4 years? Rules are always changing. Who know what they will be in 4 years. As far as becoming an elite runner...not in this life. 

As for the the Run Nike Women's series, I might have better chance, but the fat lady hasn't sung "I Ran"
This guys are rooting for me!
Hahaha! I've even booked a hotel in San Fransisco that is close to the starting line! Such madness. I must have jiggled some residual runner's high left over from my last race. 
I'm digging round for my plan B. Who knows? It's worth a shot!


  1. Yes you have to try! I hope you get into one or both! NWM is a fun one, crowded but fun. Worth the trip to SF and a gorgeous course. FYI - I didn't get in through the lottery last year and signed up like 3 weeks before the race with Nike+ because they opened it up. Go figure.

    1. Paulette, You were right! SF was fun but sooooooo many runners! I've never seen that many! I want to return again some year to do it again & in better health!

  2. I hope you get into them :-)
    It's always good to have a plan B though...

    1. Thanks Lynne, I'm trying again this year! *crosses fingers, tosses salt over shoulder, & hangs horse shoes every where!*