Sunday, May 12, 2013

Girls on the Go Half Marathon San Diego 2013

Happy Mother's day!  Huge plant from my daughter stationed in Japan. Thank you Erin and love you!
Yesterday I ran the Girls on the Go Half Marathon to benefit Rachel's Women's Center:
Girls on the Go offered four types of distances of 400 meter dash, 5k, 15k, and half marathon. The race courses took runners from Mission Bay across and around Fiesta Island.
Most races I have run where on a Sunday. Since this race was on Saturday, the bib pick up was held only on a Friday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm at the Sports Authority in San Diego. Hahaha, I found myself making tons of plans to do Friday after work because I kept forgetting I had to go get bib. I had jotted a note on my arm to remind myself to head down south after work!  A 15 mile trip took me over 45 minutes to get there because of Friday traffic. Gotta love San Diego!  Once there, I was in and out in less than 8 minutes.  The expo also took donations of ball gowns for the Marine Corps Family Team Building and shoes for Patrick Henry High School "Shoes with a Heart" program.  I love the idea of reusing items. 
After my emergency surgery, I had not planned on running the La Jolla Half Marathon. I can still remember signing up for it while crying about not being able to run the La Jolla. Luckily, I did run the La Jolla without problems and decided to use this run to do a tempo workout.
Leaving early, I arrived at Mission Bay near Sea World, and instructed to park in a dirt lot. The parking lot was about one mile away from the race. At 0610, the race was still being set up. This race offered an aerobic warm up by Bally Fitness. Many women joined in while I stood leaning against a palm tree texting and facebooking :)~

The half marathon started 0700, no wind, and about 60 degrees. It was smaller than I'd expected with about 300+ runners. The course is flat and fast throughout this entire race. There are no hills and the only challenge was the heat. 
At mile 2, I begin tempo training through mile 6. My pace was about 10:14 to 10:44.  The Water stations were about every 2 miles. By mile 6, the sun was up and the temperature went up to 80 degree with a slight breeze.  After mile 6, there wasn't another water station until mile 11. 
Mile 9, the 15k runners finish and a guy standing there tells half marathons to keep going. I had to take my cap off to try to cool off more. 
The final 4 miles were on the bike/walk paths around Mission Bay park. I had to stop at times and wait for an opening on the walk way or run in the grass to get round the non-runners, bicycles, and lots of dogs in the park for the day. Through my experience, it pays to be nice and have patience. My pace dropped down to 10:44 to 11:00 minute. 
The water station at mile 11 was not soon enough.  I was already thirsty and had some cramps in my right calf. Mile 11 was also the turn around to head back to the finish line. I tried to get my pace up, but the heat was getting to me. Blah! My pace was 11:05 to 11:22.  There was this guy, who throughout the race would be cheering on half marathoners. I saw him at miles 3, 5, and 13. This guy really brought up my spirits. Thank you who ever you are!
The race was small and nice. The weather this week was cold up to that day when the Santa Ana winds kicked in. It was pleasant route to practice tempo training. 
Time 2:23:00
Pace: 10:55/M 
Overall Place: 204/386 : 52.8%  
Age Group Place: 182/355 : 51.3% 


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