Friday, March 8, 2013

Hill Workouts

It's 1 mile up.

I've been working on hills training and wondering if anyone else has problems getting up hills?  These articles have been helpful:


The view is amazing.
Most of the videos are by an elite athletes.  As I watched these videos and wrinkle my nose, I think "do elite athletes watch videos about running up hills?  Hahahaha very doubtful! Hill workouts are the ONLY time I wish I didn't have boobies!

My running pal Ann aka gazelle, told me to relax and allow my arms to drop down instead of tightening them. This technique has been the best advised EVER!  There is a lot to be said about core workouts and I try to do at least one a week. The building I work in have some killer stairs that are high and steep.  I'm not sure if this helps but it gets my heart pumping.

Since the change in my running route, I do dread getting out there until I'm actually on the hill going up. My pace does slow down but I'm hoping over time it will pick up. Because I run on a large sidewalk, I found the cross walk areas are the areas that are flatter and I can pick up a little speed here. My legs fair well, but sometimes my knees begin to ache. Down hills are my favorite. I set back and enjoy the ride! 
Hahaha music helped cover up my heavy breathing!


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    1. shut the front door! I am still learning about blogging & just found the comment section. dang it!