Saturday, February 23, 2013

Santa Rosa Plateau 2013

As relatives get ready for another snow storm in Kansas, it was a beautiful day in California. My family took a hike around the Santa Rosa Plateau. Our chocolate labs, Dallas and Cowboy, love it on the reserve.
It's is beautiful here because all of the rain we've been experiencing.
We walked a little over 2 miles and a nice pace.
 This plateau has some great mountain bike and hiking trails! The meadows are green and the weather is amazing. .
Our daughter is visitng from Japan. Wow, we miss her a lot!
It's very peaceful here.
I've ridden my mountain bike under this tree. Yeah I live on the wild side!
Two more of my kids lead the pack.
At times we jog, but mostly just enjoy the moment
Heading back to the car.
bye bye...see you again soon!


  1. Beautiful scenery, and it looks like you had good weather too!