Saturday, February 2, 2013

Post Marathon Recovery January 2013

There are many ways to recover from a marathon, but I've found out that REST is the best method.  My strep throat turned into a little cough. Boo hoo...time to move on.
  It's a little siesta for my body and my mind. Recovery for me is much needed before beginning training runs again next week. I have the San Dieguito Half Marathon two weeks : with these elevation changes to look conquer

I'm enjoying the down time.  I've been stretching out my muscles a lot and found I have time to drink all of my coffee! It was delicious!

I took my dogs for a walk this morning and heard birds chirping, no sweating, and wore jeans!
This is a picture hill I'll be going the other direction as a change in routes to better prepare for San Dieguito Half and the La Jolla Half Marathon in April: .

The best thing about hills is that it gets rid of the vajiggle jaggle in your butt! Right June, mommy to Honey Boo Boo?!!!!
I've been asked thse questions a lot recently: "How long are you going to keep running?" and "Are you ever going to stop?" My answer is that I'll keep going as long as my body will let me. Thanks again to my family and friends for all their words of wisdom and support.
Tomorrow is Super Bowl XLVII and I'll be making puffs = cream cheese, cheddar, & jalapenos filled won ton wrappers deep fat fried!


  1. Well done on the marathon! What a great feeling it is to relax and recover afterwards - enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Liz! I think the day I figure out why I'm still running is the day I figure out the meaning to life :)~