Saturday, May 19, 2012

Orange Push Pop Recovery Drink

 I used to use Pro 5 as my after workout recovery drink & still use it for my shorter runs. Pro 5, with 145 calories, has some beneficial protein, potassium & calcium. Nu-Tek does make this Pro 5 for women, but I didn't buy it for the specific vitamins for women.

My hubby is constantly discovering new items to help me with my running. The After Glow Post Workout Euphoria is amazing. No, it's not a drink for porn starts :)  The After Glow has 208 calories and with a scope used to titrate the amount you need according to you weight (your real weight, not the one on your driver's license). It's chuck full of nutrients, amino acids, & vitamins. I love the orange push pop flavor. It smooth and goes down quickly.  There are no longer headaches or fatigue that follow my long runs. After Glow has changed my runs forever!

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