Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Has Anyone Seen My Silver Strand Half Marathon Shirt?

The Silver Strand Half Marathon in November 2011 was my first half marathon.  Since the expo, I couldn't locate my half marathon shirt. My kids & husband hadn't seen my shirt.  I cleaned all the closets except for my husband's. In the months to follow I would ask my family ,  "Has anyone seen my Silver Strand half marathon shirt?" No one had seen it.  I even became convinced, some how I'd given it to charity. 
Last month, I thought, why not contact the Koz Enterprise, who sponsored the Silver Strand and ask if they had any shirt left over.  After all it doesn't hurt to ask right?
I sent an email over the weekend & by Monday, Koz had responded saying yes they did & what size.  I offered to pay for the shirt and even pick it up.  I was sooooooo excited about getting a shirt! Koz Enterprise turned down my request to pay & would mail me the shirt.  Gushing in emails, I wrote how happy and grateful I was, even offering to write a letter of gratitude their boss.  Koz responded joking about how they were a group of 3 people in the office & would able to pass it around pretty quickly how happy I was with their service. 
In two days, my package arrive.  I tore into it and found two shirts inside with note that said " here and extra just in case you loose another!"
 Hahahahaha! I would happy to return to run more races with Koz any day! 

Two weeks later, my husband said, "you know you have three of the same race shirts" . What?! He said he found a Silver Strand Half Marathon shirt in his sock drawer & said, "I don't know why you would have put it in there".................................note to self, next time clean every ones closet!
Awww look they are happy to be here!

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