Sunday, May 20, 2012

14.6 Miles of Running Lessons

Yesterday I had a very humbling long run of 14 miles & dropped to 11:09 minute pace the last 4 miles.  It's the furthest I've run in a long run & eye opener. I started out late at 0700 am & by 0800 it was hot.  I choose not to listen to music until the half way point trying to focus more on starting slower, running at a smoother rhythm. Wish I could tell you that happened, but it didn't. After running a 10:30 minute pace for the first 5 mile, the heat began to rise.
 I have been practicing using a water holder waist thingy during my long runs. It's a bit bothersome.  I spend part of my run thinking about how great it would be to take it off, where would I put it, and chasing it around my waist. It has a mind of it's own. I tighten the straps, they loosen up. I push it to the left, it come right back. I swear it weighs 20 pounds when the water bottle if full.
I swigged Nuun water at my 5, 7th, 11'th mile, where I walked 50 feet and felt my toes were on fire. I was very thirsty during the 12th mile and serious began to look at people's homes for hoses, wondering if I should ask, & everyone knows you have to let the water run through the hose before it gets colder.  I almost flagged down a pair of Mormon bicycle boys, to ask if they would go get me some water. We've met at a stop light once during a short run. They tried to give me literature, I told them, "no thank you".  I wished I had taken the literature and made friends. I sure needed them during this run.

At the 13th and 14th mile as crazy hot. I walked for about 100 feet up the last hill.  No wind, just heat.  I was still sweating and coherent, but I was miserable. My thoughts were, why are you running? Are you high?  There's no way I am going to run a marathon. I am done with running.  Turning into the culd-da-sac, I turned off my watch and headed into the backyard into the pool.  Cooling off, my thought were, yes you will get up and run again, but start early in the morning before it heats up. No the water holder waist thingy doesn't weigh 20 pounds, stupid. Go get your shoes checked, the inserts are warn and the shoes are ripping. Don't wear a hat next time. It's okay to walk. You're not going to win the marathon. You just want to finish it.

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