Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cold Weather Running

Cold weather running is not my favorite.   I don't like to sit, walk, or run in cold weather.  My husband would say "it's all in your mind".  As I begin running, my nose becomes a dripping facet, where I have to use the inside of my shirt as a tissue. My toes, legs, boobies, & arms are frozen. Yes, I wear base layers, but still freeze. 
 I keep telling myself I'll warm up, but I never do.  When I round the last 2 miles on a long run, I imagine myself in a hot bath with hot coffee. 
About 10 minutes after I get into the house, my body begins to shiver and shake.  My skin is purple with red splotches.  After a bath, I put on my thick-ass sweats(the kind my husband hates), ),fuzzy socks, plug in a heating pad, & climb into bed, covering myself with 3 blankets.
I've read blogs about people who take ice baths which helps minimize muscle swelling. These people are animals! I hope someday I can do that too... bazinga!

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