Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coronado Valentines 10K 2014

My first race of the year! Surgery can SUCK IT! I had a great time. It would have been better if I could have ran with a friend.
Gear prep!
I've come to the conclusion that all races, no matter what time of year, if it's in Coronado, California, once the sun comes up, it's HOT! The Silver Strand Half in November, HOT! The Coronado Independence 15k, HOT! The Coronado Valentine's 10k, you bet, HOT!
Wait for the sun. Cute mile markers, Candy hearts!
This race is follows the similar course as the Coronado Independence 15k. It starts on the road, but less than 0.10th mile, runners are ushered up onto the lawn of Tideland Park. Weird. It's wet grass, facing the sun, & I already begin regretting wearing a pullover. It came off during the first mile.
861 runners & walkers! #runstrong!
We head onto a bike path about 4 person wide across for first mile. Folks are already beginning to walk & becomes bottle necked through here. The route opens up after mile 1 where we run onto Glorietta Blvd which turns into Pomona Ave which turns into the Silver Stand. This course is primarily flat with no real incline. It rolls gently through by the golf course and around the boat yard. Did I mention it was hot?
Prerace. Love #runningskirt !
The turn around is at mile 3.2, the volunteers were great!  The sun is now at my back. We run up onto the grass lawn of Glorietta Bay Park for a short distance back onto the bike path by the City of Coronado Aquatic Center. The Coronado High School Cheer group pumped me up with "wtg runner, you're almost done" at Mile 3.7! So awesome!
There were NOT a lot of spectators. The volunteers at mile 2.1 and mile 5.6 cheer wildly for all runners! Y'all made this race so enjoyable!
 Mile 5.9 back onto the grass at Tideland Park toward finish line. The announcer gives your name a shout out. That was nice!
Salty and post race smile!
Thanks to the volunteer who hung the medal around my neck. It's crazy I know, but it's my pretend Olympic moment! Hahaha!
Matches my outfit!
This was the first time I've been in a race where the Overall & Gender results were based on the Gun Time and not the Chip Time. I was a little taken back & a good lesson to learn for future races.
Gun: 1:11:37
Chip: 1:10:23
Pace: 11:17
Overall: 606 out of 861 (based on Gun Time)
Gender: 330 (based on Gun Time)
Age: 34 (based on Chip Time)


  1. I think it's silly to use gun time if you have chip technology. One of my local races does this and I don't know why, it doesn't make sense to me!

    Well done on your race - looks like a nice medal.

    1. ^5 Liz, I'm not the fastest runner but it was a little tug at my ego to see a gun time. If there's a next, watch out Elites, I'm going to be rubbing your elbows!

  2. I love the medal on the neck moment too!
    After Berlin marathon they just tried to hand me the medal so I told them no and made them hang it over my neck :-)

    1. I'm soooo grateful those volunteers oblige my silly request. Same with communion, I just close my eyes & stick my tongue out! No hands!