Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Post Surgery Recovery Plan

Into the second week of walking as my nonimpact exercise, along with yoga, & I feel my endurance improving. After my surgery, I ate like crap because I felt like poop. Surprisingly, I haven't packed on the weight. My abdomen has become less swollen, but I still have the nagging right abdomen muscle pain off & on. The muscles in my legs from the hills I ran in preparation for the Nike Marathon has long disappeared. This muscle loss could explain why I didn't pack on the weight.  Since I'm only walking, I've limited myself to roughly 1800 calories a day. I'm avoiding refine sugar, trans saturated fat,  & enriched flour. What does this mean? More consumption of perishable foods, whole grains, & lean proteins.
Selfie after walking up hill. Alive at 45!
 Note: I have a small electronic scale to ensure I'm not getting over my caloric intake. It's very handy for measuring 100% whole grain pastas, brown rice, & sweet potatoes. It's important for me since I'm not running.
I don't remember where I bought this. It's easy to use.
Once training/running, I'm not so strict about weighing my foods because my calories will increase to a 2000-2100 calorie diet. I still use a protein drink/shakes for my snack. It's quick and simple. I do take vitamin supplements: Centrum Multiple Vitamin, Iron, & Fish Oil.
Scoop, add water, & shake! Simple pimple!
My hubby & I decided we're not doing our annual holiday party. Sorry friends :( My kids & I only brought out half of the decorations & we'll trim the tree on Saturday. Keeping things simple & easy is my motto for the holidays ♫. Falalalalalaaaah!

Dang artificial tree. I would love it hate it! Takes forever to set up!




  1. Hope your recovery goes quickly!

    1. Thanks Clair. So far so good. *tosses salt over shoulder, hangs horseshoe, & rubs rabbit's feet*!!!