Sunday, November 10, 2013

Preparing for Surgery

A week before I ran the Nike Women's San Francisco Marathon, I begin to have a female part problem. When all was said and done, I found out I will need to undergo surgery for the second time in one year. My surgery is next week. *tosses hands in the air*! Dang it!

Currently I can't run but can do low impact exercises. I have found this Yoga video that has 3 different fitness programs. One boost it's a Yoga conditioning for athletes. I'll do all 3 collections just to keep things changing.  Hopefully this will keep my legs in shape and so the return to running will not be too difficult. C'mon Rodney Yee don't fail me!
Although I don't practice being a vegetarian, this book, Easy Vegetarian Cooking intrigued me because I have been wanting to add a lot more variety to my families daily meals and keep my son from making a meal out of  a whole bag of chips and salsa! This cookbook states it's for people like me who are new to a vegetarian diet.
Last night I tried to make the Pioneer Women's recipe for Phyllo Mushroom Bundles. .  The recipe called for Parmesan cheese. I didn't have any and tried Gorgonzola cheese . Not a good combination. My hubby said it tasted like it went bad! Don't hold back babe!

The next batch I went with basic Mexican cheddar cheese and change them to rolls. My families response?  "The paper around the roll is dry. Is there something to dip it in?" Lots of wrinkle noses and no seconds. Even my son, the hobbit, turned them down!
My doggies, Dallas and Cowboy, think these things are the shizzle, but they lick their butts!
Next week, it's Basil and Pea Pasta from the new cook book. Wish me luck!
Doggy treats!


  1. It is so hard to please the family with new recipes, isn't it? Good luck with the surgery and have a speedy recovery!

    1. Thanks Erica hahaha especially the recipes my family say "oh this is suppose to be good for you?"
      On the mend. :)