Wednesday, November 27, 2013

If You Can't Run, Clean Your Closet!

When I'm training for a race, some things tend to get pushed to the waist side and I tell myself I'll get to it later. Later never seems to come because as soon as I'm done with one race, it's onto training for another one. My closet is one of those things.

On weekends, I'll decline going out with for girls night because I have to get up early to train.  I love reading about history, but instead spend extra minutes, reading blogs, books, & magazines about running. You see,  I can think of a dozen run related things to do besides cleaning my closet such as haunting the sports stores, figuring out how to explain to my husband how I needed another dri-fit shirt and a pair of running short. I get excited about finding a hat that has two LED lights on it allowing me to see during my night runs! Since I am currently can't run and barely able to walk around the cul-de-sac due to pain, I figure there's no better time to correct this problem. My son helped me out. On Friday, I'll call my favorite charity to donate clothes. Thanks to my son who sat there going through some memories and laughing as we sat in the mist of a mess! Here are some before & after pics.

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