Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thank You Baby Jesus For Healing My Foot!

Eeeegads ! I despise injuries as much as stopping to pee during a marathon. But it's over, sorta, but enough to move on. Why can't I my brain and lack of motivation understand strength training is essential when training for a marathon? Boy, I can be so stupidoooooo at times! *shrugs*
Eight weeks left until Nike Marathon San Francisco with serious training ahead. Today's run was nuts and summer training is no joke! I was sopping wet by mile 5 and by mile 12 my brain felt as though it would explode because of the heat. There was no wind and after repeating to myself" just one more", a thousand time, lost it's effects and I gave up. I could imagine leaving a wet trail like a snail as I was running that slow.
I must have been shuffling my feet something horrible, because my shoes and socks were covered in dirt. Not once did I try to push the tempo because I didn't want to sweat any more than I already was nor did I care. A girl carrying a water bottle past by me. Although I had water, hers looked way more refreshing than one I was packing near my ass. Mile 10, I was fantasizing  about doing the Nestle plunge in my pool. My mood was poor by mile 11 and I finally gave in.  Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Loading my Garmin later, said the temperature was 78. It felt like 88!
Cooling off on the tile floor inside and after kicking off my shoes, I thought I could run the other 3 miles to complete my goal of 15 miles. I put my shoes back on, but when I stood up, my body screamed, "hit the shower"!  I'll begin again tomorrow, then again the next day, and the day after. It's never ending isn't it?
 As I've said before, I'm a non runner. Sometimes I wish I was flat chested, then maybe it would be cooler!


  1. 12 in heat = 15 regular to me! I think you rock for sticking with that much!

    1. TUR,
      I'll be doing 15 tomorrow and will get up at 0400 to try to get out the door by 0430. It's still dark, so I'll stick to the streets with lamps. Hoping I don't run into any coyotes!