Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Dogs Are Tired!

My Saucony Triumph 10's are no longer my favorite running shoes. The sole wears down quickly and the mesh cannot sustain a few run on a dirt road. I wish they would reinforce where the seam meets the shoe. Augh! So, after 275 miles and days of geeking out over running shoes, I went with the New Balance 1080v3. The New Balance description says, "supportive arch-securing mid-foot wrap while you're surfing the road on your smoothest ride ever"!
I thought I might have to replace my custom inserts because for months now my calves and feet have been aching during my runs. Removing the inserts, I found them almost flat! I pulled out my previous inserts and found them completely different. I began to pull out all of my older custom inserts and all them compared to the one in June still had their shape. Surrounded by stupid inserts, I picked up a pair and put them into my  New Balances. The next day, no foot/calf pain and none since. Dang it! I looked a lot like this and sound like:

Calmer now, I hate these kinds of lessons. Cowboy came up to me, gave me a look that said, "cool it Sailor mouth, I can hear you all the way downstairs" and began to lick me. Somehow Cowboy kisses make the foobar inserts a distant memory.

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