Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome Back Old Friends

As I head into the final weeks before the Carlsbad Marathon 2013, the increase distance  returns my application on my friends Vaseline, New Skin, and Powder Secret Deodorant. There has been a lot of trial, error, and loads of research with my running experiences. These products I have taken stock in and never leave home without them. These items save me from quitting non-running hobby.

 Today I, as I did my long run, I thought about a woman's post recently . She discusses her feeling about how she feels she's a runner, but not a marathoner. Thanks Shannon. You helped occupy my thoughts for at least a good 4 miles today. Like Shannon, I do run, but don't still consider myself as a non-runner. It's worth checking it out her blog.

I read the magazines and books. I have tried various shoes, gear, & training schedules. I still giggle when I attempt say the word Fartlek. It's the two year old coming out in me. I received a gift card to a local running store, Laces, and found these videos on their website.  As I was listening and watching the videos by a man named Dr. Jack Daniels (not the whiskey), it again made me realize I don't know jack...literally;
Part one:
Part two .
I have love discovering my body's ability to perform. Running is always a great conversation starter and there's always people who have lots of questions. You can guess the number one questions is "Why would you every run a marathon?" I feel I am a marathoner non-runner! I am also a woman who, on today's run, tried to our run a younger woman taking her small little dog on a run. She beat me easily. Fartlek :)~


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