Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ice Ice Baby!

To quote Gomer Pile, surprise surprise surprise! As I headed around the corner into our culdasac, after a short run of 4.5 miles, I ran over a wet area on the side walk caused by a neighborhood sprinkler. I slid about 2 feet and realized it was ice! There's no way I saw that coming. I am very talented. I can run aaaaaaaaaand ice skate all at once!
We're having a cold winter and I find myself stocking the the racks of base layers at the sporting good stores. I don't like cold weather, but hate running on my treadmill even more. Here's another problem. What am I going to wear for the Carlsbad Marathon? I don't run fast enough to just wear shorts and a tank top, like the NCAA Division II Cross Contry Champship runners. I think these guys train in their underware!
There are miles during my long run, where I cool down and have to redress after I've already took off some layers. What is that perfect outfit?

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