Saturday, October 13, 2012

Final Weeks Until Malibu International Marathon 2012

Heading into the last 3 weeks of training and I'm feeling pretty good. No real injuries and only an occasional sore muscle.  Night time comes fast. My running pal got me this to carry along with me during my night runs. My husband says, "Works until you spray yourself". 
The miles have increased, leaving little time for strength training between my runs. At night before I go to be bed, I'll do squats and push ups. It's as good as it gets.
The weather is colder now making it much easier to run. Hehehehe, I never thought I would say that! My new shoes I bought at the beginning of July have torn along the seams. I don't think Saucony makes a long lasting shoe. Tomorrow, I'll go to the Road Runner store to look at Asics.
I occationally look at my watch to check my pace. I run at whatever feels good.  I'm more worried about finishing the the marathon then obtaining a personal best. I want to relax and try to take in as much of the experience as I can!
My recent Running Times magazine came in yesterday. There's a good article called "Marathon Day". The article review prerace, race morning, & warm up strategies. Funny enough it suggest how to set your goal marathon pace. It stresses to stay positive and fighting back the temptation to start out fast that could negatively effect your over all race. The article came a  perfect time.
Tomorrow's long run of 18 miles, I'll be running my comfortable pace through my hills and the last few miles think drum up this article to test some of the suggestions.


  1. GOOD LUCK on your upcoming marathon!

  2. Thank you TorontoRunner. It was tough, but as my running buddy would say, "if it was easy everyone would run marathons".