Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Burger Brains.

Training for a half marathon is tough. Training for a full marathon is NUTS!  Last weekend was the furthest I've ever ran, without stopping.  I am not boosting because my pace began to drop after the last few miles, but the run was worth every minute because it is a difficult, quality running course.  I want to  be as prepare for my first marathon and don't believe what I read when the descriptions of the marathon say rolling hills.
This last weekend's long run was 14.5 miles. The last 1/2 mile is for my mind. It gets a little burger brained and I start second guessing my miles and ALWAYS rethink my route.
I started at 0510am. It gets hot here as soon as the sun comes up and I wanted to get an early start.  As I run, the first 5 miles let my body work out all the muscle kinks.  It's dark outside, but the street lamps are on.  I begin the second set of 5 miles and I work on Patty's version of Fartlek'in. This helps kill time as I keep my mind off the sweat stinging my eyes and how I hate running with the hydration belt. The hydration belt is essential at this point of my training.  I've been getting my body use to drinking water and consuming gross energy gel.  No offense, but energy gel tastes like flavored semen. Yuck!  Heading into the last 4.5 miles, my brain is like hamburger aka burger brain. The Ipod music is annoying me. My mind begins to tell my body, you're nuts for thinking you can run this far and you can stop all this, join a gym or do Cross Fitness. Towards the end of my miles, I begin thinking about the various books and articles I have read.  Hahaha why didn't I think of this earlier?  Bye bye burger brain.  I begin think about the various chapters in books, articles about other runners struggles, accomplishments, and yes, even posts by other bloggers.  Saved just in time! I'm at a point of crazy miles and longer training hours on the road. I now need to find the time to read more!


  1. LOL! Most of them really are gross! Gu chocolate outrage tastes like frosting from a can...maybe you can choke that down without gagging ;-D

    Good job on covering the miles!