Saturday, August 25, 2012

Running in Kansas 2012

Running in Kansas, while on vacation, would be easy because of the flat landscape. Right? I was wrong.  The roads surrounding my parent's place are dirt roads and uneven.  I manage to find hard surfaces somewhere in the middle of the road but I had to keep tracking it down and moving across the road like I'd been drinking!  I gave up powering through the dirt and sandy areas.
I saw a doe my first morning, crossing the road and headed into a pasture. The weather was around 92 degrees both of the mornings I ran with a little hot humid wind. Unlike California, if it was hot during the day in Kansas, it would be hot at night then into the morning.
I did 4 miles one morning and only completed 3 miles the second time because I had suffered a severe back sprain. Silly, but I thought I would run the pain out of my back. Hahaha wrong again!
My parent's place is amazing, beautiful, and peaceful.  Although soft dirt roads aren't ideal for me to run on, the views make up for it.

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