Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Push Play

Week upon week of steady quality runs & cross training, I come home today with a schedule day of P90x Core Synergistics.  Instead, I sit down with a bag of tortilla chips and salsa.  At this point, I figured I earned it, right? I have a zillion excuses of why I needed to feast on these chips and blow off my workout: stressful day at work, wild fire near by, & I need a break.  It lasted about 5 minutes. I put the away the food and reached for some juice to help with my craving.
I realized it wasn't about the chips & salsa, it was about missing a work out.  I have less than 15 weeks left until my first marathon. Over the weekend I was preaching to my husband about how important it stay focus on my workouts (yes, I believe he was listening to me), so I can finish this 26.2 mile run. Reading tons of blogs and talking to post marathon runners, proper productive training is the key to success. I do a lot a hills now and make hill workouts as part of my short runs too. Since my back owie, strength training has pushed everything else out of my mind.  It definitely keeps me occupied during those miles.

So as Tony Horton says, "just push play & do you best"!
Two of my favorite cross & strength training videos.


  1. Keep going! I'm seriously not ready for p90x! One missed workout is probably what you needed considering your tough workout schedule! I have a weakness for tortilla and salsa too, thats why I tell hubs not to buy it! (he does anyway!) Keep up the great work.

  2. My roommate lovvves p90X, it's an amazing workout!

    Even though I don't love running hills, I try to do it because I really think it helps.

  3. I am going for my first marathon this November. Hahahaha I have to keep saying and typing because I can't belive I'm doing this. Half marathons were tough but the miles of training and then the actual marathon is CRAZY! Oh...today in the pool after doing only 4 laps, I said to my hubby, just 16 more, I may be ready for a triathalon!