Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Morning Skinny

There are a lot of people who started running to loose weight. I am one of them. I came across an article, in Running Times by Rachel Toor, talking about the issues of weight and running. Rachel Toor describes reading a biography, Seabiscuit, where carrying an extra pound or two can handicap  a 3,000 pound horse.
The article is interesting and lightly discusses how income can effect our diets. It goes on to discuss how difficult it can be to approach teenagers about weight affecting their performance.  Oddly, after my son's basketball shoot out yesterday, I heard a coach talking to his team about this subject.  The coach was asking his players to loose 5 pounds.  He stressed this would help with this agility and make them faster.
Everyone has heard you are what you eat. I know when I eat like crap, I run like crap.  Weight loss, for me, did make it easier on my knees and back.  In my home, we all eat the same foods. It isn't called dieting, it's just what is for dinner.

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