Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ice Bath

For my birthday, my sister got me a subscription to Running Times. One of the articles in my first issue was about Lauren Fleshman a professional athlete, plagued by reoccurring injuries, an over achiever, & has a excellent shot of being an Olympian at the age of 30. Fleshman uses a nearby river to sit in to reduce swelling.
 Since I began blogging, I've read about icing post runs. In fact, I implied I would never ever EVER do it.  Until last weekend when I finally made up my mind to attempt a full marathon.  I figure I had better do somethings a lot different to try to prevent injuries. After all I'm not 30 and post long run icing would be a good start.
My first attempt at an ice bath, I used 4 trays of ice with cold water in the tub. The ice melted straight away. As I sat in the tub wearing shorts, feeling sorta bummed.  I knew this process should be a lot colder &  I should stay in it for 10 minutes to get any therapeutic effect.  So I sat contemplating going to the grocery store to get a large bag of ice to do it right the next time. Rubbing my cold fingers up and down on my face, it hit me. "hey stupid, there's a big giant cement pond in your back yard full of icy cold water!
Today, I over slep and didn't get out of bed until 8 a.m.  It's been a cold week with highs only in the 60's.  I dressed wearing my long under armour pants, tshirt, & long sleeve thick shirt. Outside, I should have turned around and changed clothes. The temperature was already in the 60's.  It was hot, but I was pissy because I was getting a late start.  After a mile, the long sleeve shirt came off! I got a kick out of an elder man walking his little dog down the hill I was going up, cheering "GO GO GO"! Thank you so much for the encouragement!
I'm in the third week of training for a full marathon. Last Wednesday, I came home and quickly looked at my training schedule and went out to do 5 miles. Today I realized I had looked at the fourth week's schedule in error and was only suppose to do 4 miles. Oh well!
 At first the training seemed a little less than what I do for a half marathon training, but I see by the fifth week, that will all changes.  I had a little anxiety attack on last Thursday during a short run, thinking "holy crap what the hell am I thinking?!!! Are you high?!!!"  I think I actually said this out loud as I turned the corner to head home!  This is going to be a lot of running.  Calling myself crazy, I chastized myself for actually doing what of the stupid non-marathon runner's guide, suggesting I tell people I'm running a marathon.  I did tell people.  Lots of people! After i got into the house, it was over. Back to being a mom and chatting it up with my daughter about her day. Life goes on with ease and grace.
So, after today's hot sweaty hot ass long run, I headed for the pool, climbed in and relaxed.  I'm going to take this moment to moment.


  1. I love taking ice baths after my long runs....although it's a lot of work to go out and buy the bags of ice and it's painful to sit there. So I don't do them all the time. But I do think they help!

    1. I think they will too & it was even super hard to admit I was wrong! Hahaha I down loaded Ice Ice Baby to keep me motivated for my next one!

  2. I know they help and I've done them... But I'm just not tough enough most days to do it. When I trained for my first half I did the pool thing in my neighbor's pool. They got a kick out of me sitting in it in the winter. Keep up the hard work! The weeks will pass before you know it.

    1. Funny I haven't even signed up for marathon yet, but I know I will be ready once I make up my mind. I'm really leaning more towards the Malibu Marathon in November. It's hard to plan that far out during the holiday season. I tried to talk myself into getting in deeper, but all I could do is get up to my butt!