Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon 2014

Pre race mac cheese
In May after a 16 mile long run, training for the Rock and Roll San Diego full marathon, I received a text from my running pal. She said she was going to change to the half marathon due to an injury. 
Over the last few weeks, I had been struggling mentally during all the runs. Pure and simple, I stopped enjoying them. So, after the text from my friend, I switched to the half marathon too. 
Less crowds on a late Friday Expo
I was relieved because I was a bit washed out. In the past, I've said, running to train for a race is completely different than running for exercise. Now it's up to me to find my happiness again. 
Heading over the bridge by Petco Park to catch shuttles to race.
Rock and Roll Half Marathon is a really fun race. The residents in the neighborhoods make is race fanatics!  The bacon lady, the kids hi-5'ing you while wrapped in their blankets still sporting their bed hair, families of all generations, the guys karaoke on their front lawn, the ladies in their lawn chair cheering,  the guys passing out Patron tequila,  beer, candy, and oranges all make me want to do it all over again!  Thank you thank you thank you!
Post Race Bling
Post Race Mac Cheese in parking garage!
We almost forgot!
Time 2:30:23
Overall: 10342 out of 16897
Division 441 out of 916
Gender: 5333 out of 10148
5km: 0:34:34
10km: 1:09:33
10mi: 1:53:39
Pace 11:29


  1. Sounds like a fun race! Hope you can rediscover running for fun. :)

  2. A very good finishing time. A good performance too, you are in the middle of the pack, congrats!