Saturday, August 10, 2013

Halfway Through Training For Nike Women's Marathon San Francisco 2013

You know when you getting closer to being ready for a marathon when:
1. Last week you bought your second pair of shoes since the beginning of training.
2. Choosing your marathon running outfit excites you!
3. At the end of your workout, you have more salt on your face than a potato chip.
4. Not only have you geeked over the marathon course, especially elevation charts, but you repeat this cycle several times just to make sure you don't miss anything.
5. You pee Gatorade.
6. You say, "I went running" when people ask you what you last weekend.
7. You eat your weight in spaghetti.
8.  As you run, you are already thinking about the next 5 miles and the next 5 miles and the next 5 miles.
9. As you drive into work, you see another runner, and are tempted to call in sick so you can go running.
10. You can calculate miles without a Garmin.

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