Saturday, December 8, 2012

Temecula Turkey Trot 2012

My son just turn 13 years old and is now eligable to participate in races!  I entered him into the Temecula Turkey Trot, held at Cougar Winery. It's become an annual local race. The last time I did the 5k and walked with some friends of mine who were figting horrible colds. This time my son was running the 5k and I was doing the 10k .
The morning was cold but in California, as soon as the sun comes out, it gets warmer. The 10k starts first and it's a late start. The organizers wait for everyone to register before starting the race. My son will start 5k afterwards. Some friends of ours will be walking their dog in the 5k race.
The 10k is hilly, but nothing too bad. The roads are a different story. The grading on the dirt roads is bumping and uneven. It's hard to go fast in these segments and there's no flat surfaces to escape onto. My friends witnessed my son almost falling because he took his eyes off for a second to say hello to them on his way back to the finish line. If you're one of the first racers, then there was water avaiable, but heading back, there was no water available for racers or their dogs. It's about 80 degress. I heard a lot of people complaining.
My son said it was easy. He was video taping as he ran on the flatter sections and had a great time!  Everyone had the same start time.  He finished the 5k : 0.24:32 minutes, placed 4th in his age group, and 22 out of 397overall. I ran 10k 1:03:00, placed 6th in my age group, and 118 out of 201 overall.  Review of the photos show only one of me with two other guys I don't know and one of my son at the finish line. Aftewards there's a wine tasting hosted by Cougar Winery. It was a wonderful race for my son's first race. He was excited and got great experience. Thanks for a beautiful day!

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