Sunday, November 2, 2014

All American Heroes 10k Point Loma Liberty Station 2014

After completing the R&R San Diego Half Marathon, my legs were weary, my mind was tired, and running was beating me down. There are no inspiring words of wisdom resulted from my sabbatical from training. 
Oh, I ran spatially, put on five pounds, and rested. 
My new running friend asked if I wanted to join her for The All American Hero 10k/5k , August 31, 2014. It's located Point Loma at Liberty Station.  Proceeds go to a high school art's program and to the Wounded Warrior Project. Our daughters are best friends. They joined in running a 5k. A week before the race, I had my 6'3" son cut the large palm fruit off on the the queen palm trees when the chair he was standing on broke! Luckily he wasn't hurt but his hand holding the shears came crashing down on top of my head! 4 staples and tetanus shot later, I was grateful it wasn't worse. 
If anyone has ever read this blog, knows that 4 staples wasn't going to keep me from racing later that week. I just wore a hat so not to freak anyone out of they got close enough to see but ditched it when it got too hot. 

The morning was 70 degrees and humid with no wind. The race started on time with 130 runners for 10k and about 30 minute later, the 110 runners for 5/k started. This course is flat with a small hill going over the North San Diego Bay. It's a 3 mile loop, repeat and easy. My running pal did awesome completing at a 10:08 minute pace! My daughter who walked the 5k, completed at a 14:25 minute pace!

                                                           My race time was: 
                                                           Time: 1:08:13
                                                           Pace: 11:00
                                                           Age Group 39-48: 15 out 18
                                                           Overall: 94 out 130

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